Questions for the President

After the Town Hall Meeting in Orange County I was able to ask a few people what question would they have asked President Obama given the opportunity.

Lori from Orange County

Aroof from Orange County

Carlos from Orange County

Patrick from Orange County

Bob from Orange County

Maggie from Orange County

David from Orange County

Martin Burley

What question would you have asked?

Toxin Absorbing Plants for Valentines Day

Top Toxin Absorbing Plants
Here's a short list of the Top Toxin Absorbing Houseplants and what toxins the clean from our air.

Found in: Foam Insulation, Plywood, Particle Board, Clothes, Carpet, Furniture, Paper Goods, Household Cleaners, Water Repellents

Absorbing Plants: Azalea, Dieffenbachia, Philodendron, Spider Plant, Golden Pothos, Bamboo Palm, Dracaena, Chrysanthemum, Poinsettia

Found in: Tobacco Smoke, Gasoline, Synthetic Fibers, Plastics, Inks, Oils, Detergents

Absorbing Plants: English Ivy, Dracaena Marginata, Dracaena Janet Craig, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera Daisy, Warneckei, Peace Lily

Found in: Dry Cleaning, Inks, Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Adhesives

Absorbing Plants: Gerbera Daisy, Chrysanthemum, Peace Lily, Warneckei, Dracaena Marginata