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My Experience in Haiti

This Rescue Task Force Team of 6 from San Diego is a (NGO) Non-Government Organization. The Team left for Haiti - January 18, 2010. I joined their team January 23, 2010. This is our daily journal.

February 1, 2010 - Monday

Rescue Task Force arrives in San Diego

Aid crews home from Haiti

Local volunteers return from helping in Haiti

January 31, 2010 - Sunday

Dr. Finegan on HLN

January 30, 2010 - Saturday

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports ,"Packed and gave some supplies to Penn's group - generator, tents, & medical supplies. Purchased 3 more generators, delivered supplies and food to 2 locations. 11 hours at airport waiting for flight home."

"With few exceptions, governmental organizations, contractors, and NGO's alike, struggled for direction in the immediate aftermath of the Haiti quake. One of the few exceptions was the Rescue Task Force. The organization I direct, J/P HRO, pursues a streamlined immediate action principle. We found kinship in that w/Darryl Hall's team @RTF. They are prepared, skilled, and decisive. All key components of emergency responce."-s. penn

Living in a Tent City

Eric Haddox talks about engineering a Tent City

Graduation Day for 200+ Haitians

Last Day

January 29, 2010 - Friday

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports ,"Delivered supplies and installed electricity to a tent city. Attended the 82 Airborne H.Q. meeting."

Back to camp J/P. Installing electricity to the tent city.

Haiti needs Crayons

CNN Int'l interview via Skype

Captain Barry

Dr. Raul Ruiz

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

'Voice of Haiti' Stanley Vincent

January 28, 2010 - Thursday

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports ,"Purchased generators and surveyed site at refugee camp @ 82nd."

General Mendez of the Dominican Republic visits LOVE A CHILD, visit a surgical room, supply room, triplets born, ABCD's of Hope - mental recovery for Haiti. (5 videos)

Help wanted - Help Wanted

January 27, 2010 - Wednesday

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports ,"Got doctors for downtown clinic, setup tents, medicine to Pastor Vincent, went to the 82 Airborne and attended H.Q. meeting with officers. Met with Sean Penn."

Haiti destruction

Camp Love A Child

Remote hospitals and nuns

January 26, 2010 - Tuesday

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports ,"Wired up buildings, built tents, Jordan left, and tended patients."

The Plaza Hotel - Rescue Task Force Stanley Vincent speaks with Team leader Darryl Hall.

We visit the PAP airport

Two weeks after the earthquake

Live interview on CNN HeadLine News - iReporter Chris Morrow flew to Haiti and documented the delivery of rice to those affected by the earthquake.

January 25, 2010 - Monday

Darryl Hall's video journal - video 5

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports ,"Purchased formula and delivered to downtown clinic, setup more tents, fixed bathroom. Joe went home. Setup more tents, picked up Chris Morrow at the 82nd Airborne."

Simple acts make a big difference. Triplets delivered yesterday are benefiting from the medicine I brought. People in need in remote areas are getting help! Destruction in remote areas

The Rescue Task Force picks me up and we travel to LOVE A CHILD with medical supplies. Before that, I speak with BeBe from CRS and he expresses the feeling of the people of Haiti. And Rescue Task Force team member Stanley Vincent and I observe the first rice delivery. (low-res videos emailed to CNN)

Medical Supplies Directly to Help!

I am in Petionville at camp J/P waiting for the Rescue Task Force.

January 24, 2010 - Sunday

Darryl Hall's video journal - video 4

Opa Locka Flightline arranged a Leer Jet and with the help from the 82 Airborne and camp J/P's coordination - I will be flying out tonight, then will be picked up by the 82nd Airborne and spending the night at camp J/P. Traveling to my team at night is not an option. I'm now staying in Haiti for a week.

They are removing seats from the planes to accommodate medical boxes.

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports ,"We had a load of tents come into IFM – We have set these up and are running a hospital using the tents for rooms. It is like a field hospital in a war zone. They are bringing in patients by bus loads. We are treating 100-150 patients per day. We are also being used as security for the compound. We are currently working sanitation, digging a latrine – the demands change daily. We have set the up a pharmacy and are assisting in medicine distribution. We have set up electricity and were able to turn the lights on in the main building. The surgery rooms are now running with power and the equipment is on. Supplies are finally coming in from Dominican Republic. We are seeing food and water coming in abundance. We are transporting supplies to the military stationed at the airport. It is dangerous to travel at night. The desperation is growing. We are working 'Around the Clock' to transport critically injured patients. The demand is never ending. We don't stop. Rest is the difference between life and death – the end vs a tomorrow."

Bumped again flying to Haiti. Care (Corporate America Responding to Emergencies) tried to get us there but due to weather conditions flights are backed up and surgeons are the priority. Mike Ryan & Scott KreinBrink talk about the flight/cargo process - getting people and supplies to Haiti.

January 23, 2010 - Saturday

Darryl Hall's video journal - video 3

CARE stepped in and they are taking us in with all our supplies. We will be at Port-au-Prince in the morning. Generous people around here.

I was bumped from a confusing flight along with 1200 lbs of antibiotics and 2 fedex guys. Our mission is to find a way to get to the Port-au-Prince airport tonight (maybe through military transport) with the needed electrical supplies and antibiotics. Need to be flexible and ready to go at any moment.

Rescue Task Force team leader Darryl says, "The doctors can not work at night without electricity and light. Your luggage Chris, is important to the medical units set up already to keep surgery teams running around the clock. Instead of one doctor working twelve hours per day we will have hundreds of doctors and volunteers working 24/7."

I left San Diego last night at 945PM and just arrived at the Opa-Locka Airport in Miami. Waiting to board the private jet to Haiti with surgeons and medical supplies. I'm bringing 5 bags - 400+ lbs of medical supplies (Antibiotics, Pain Meds, Blood Pressure, Diabetic, etc.), light bulbs, and romex wire. The San Diego Rescue Task Force will meet me at the airport and pickup for the mobile medical unit and to start restoring electricity.

January 22, 2010 - Friday

Darryl Hall's video journal - video 2

I spoke with Team Leader Darryl Hall, " Working on getting the main generation plant up in Haiti. The main question is security and we are working on it. We setup a mobil operating room on wheels and saving lives. Chris, we need for you to bring along with the medical supplies: Romex wire, 300' extension cord, and 2 dozen light bulbs."

After my PRIMEnews debate with American Airlines, I was contacted with transport to Haiti to drop off medical supplies to the Rescue Task Force Team! I'm leaving for Miami tonight then Haiti via private jet.

While Rescue Task Force team is “boots-on-the-ground” saving lives in Haiti - Hard Rock Hotel San Diego is right beside them to give support. Friday, January 22, 2010, the Gaslamp establishment is hosting a fundraiser at its 207 nightclub in support of the Rescue Task Force team in Haiti. 9PM Tonight.

January 21,2010 - Thursday

Andrea Stone, Rescue Task Forces Executive Officer says “One of our contacts told me tonight that Haiti is shifting gears. They are now meeting at off-site locations to transfer the supplies because people are watching orphanages, schools and refugee camps. Our team will do whatever it takes to get the supplies in the hands and hearts of those in need.”

Darryl Hall's video journal - video 1

Via phone, Darryl Hall, Team Leader, “There are a lot of people looking for supplies that are not here yet. We finished the School - giving them Food, Water, Medical Supplies. The School is still hurting. We are hearing lots of gunfire. Military on street corners. Still many bodies in the streets and vehicles are being ambushed with roadblocks of bodies. The biggest thing is search & rescue but there are not many people helping with supplies. If we can somehow get the supplies we can get them to those who need it. We need Food, water, medical supplies, flashlights, batteries (power grids are still down). Having assessed things, they can use power crews with selected materials to get things going. Nothing is going to happen until we take care of the power. Doing the best we can with what we have."

Via satellite phone, Darryl Hall, Team Leader, “We spent last night in tents on the embassy grounds. We are not staying in structures – too unstable. The sleeping conditions are as expected: Huge mosquitoes and chilly at night. The faces, so many faces with concern and despair on them – it’s hard to explain. The entire city is running out of food. We have yet to find an open market. Long days and short nights. We plan to get supplies to Good Samaritan School and then head to the border. International Faith Mission has asked us to reestablish electricity for their headquarters. They are in need of medical supplies for their mobile medical clinics. We do not rest much – every minute is the difference between life and death. We are needed and welcomed wherever we go. I have never seen so many with pain in their eyes. Will they have food tomorrow? Next week? We are working – working so hard for everyone.”

Names of new team members:
Ailie, Jordon - 25 - Marine 1st Recon
Magnusson, Josiah - 26, Former Marine

Team leader: Darryl Hall reports they are leaving the US Embassy for the airport then to the border for the Ambulance then to a School.

January 20,2010 - Wednesday

HLN PRIMEnews - I debate with American Airlines about the Haiti bag policy

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports, "The people of Haiti are feeling eager & desperate. Anyone coming to assist and is not part of a secure team might be in trouble." Darryl also told me the US Ambassador sent his personal blackhawk to pickup the medical supplies and the (2) US Military who joined the team are special forces.

Team Leader, Darryl Hall reports "We got into the country quickly and began immediately assisting people in need by working with Global Reach and the Civil-Military Fusion Centre ( in response to the Haiti earthquake. We brought in the much needed Calcium Chloride to the US Embassy. Two (2) active US Military has joined the team - making it to (8). US Military is creating a Safe-zone for the Rescue Task Force to travel in."

Team leader, Darryl Hall, reports, “Team is fine”. They were prepared for aftershocks and have set up base camp in tents. They are not staying inside of concrete structures. With a 6.1 hitting an already unstable Port-au-Prince it is going to mean more tragedy. Our Rescue Task Force team will have their work cut out for them.

January 19,2010 - Tuesday

Team leader: Darryl Hall contacted me - The Rescue Relief Team landed into the Dominican Republic and they are waiting on Military transport. "All is good and they are ready to help", says Darryl

January 18, 2010 - Monday

American Airlines stands firm on bag policy for Haiti rescue workers

January 17, 2010 - Sunday

Rescue Task Force and Sempra Energy are sending a team of 6 trained U.S. heroes to help out in the Haiti relief efforts.

Special thanks to Kodak for the use of the zi8 HD Camera, Skype, & Dell computers!

Want to help this team?
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